Workshop “Fundamental research – New Materials”

Workshop “Fundamental research – New Materials”

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The content of the Workshop will cover the scientific tasks of the Action related to the Work Group 1 by taking an interdisciplinary and cross-community approach to key developments in epitaxy, new theoretical and experimental for the maturation of epitaxial materials, and novel functionalities for next-generation devices. To master the material growth under various forms (2D film, 3D structures, nanostructures); and to develop and control the growth of new materials (whatever the epitaxial technique), it is essential to understand the fundamental mechanisms driving their synthesis by closely combining theoretical and experimental approaches.

Practical information

The venue

The OPERA workshop, Fundamental research – New Materials, will take place at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación ETSIT (Higher Technical School of Engineers in Telecommunication) of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in the district of Ciudad Universitaria (this is important to note as there is another Telecommunication School from UPM in Madrid at a totally different location). ETSIT-UPM hosts two relevant research institutes in the field of epitaxy: The Institute for Optoelectronics Systems and Microtechnology (ISOM), and The Solar Energy Institute (IES). The address of ETSIT-UPM is Av. Complutense 30, 28040, Madrid.

How to get to ETSIT-UPM

ETIST is easily accessible from both Adolfo Suarez Airport (45 min) and downtown (30 min) by public transportation. It is particularly convenient using the subway (Metro). The closest subway station is Ciudad Universitaria (Line 6). From there to ETSIT you can walk (15 min), or take a bus (lines 82, G, U, stop at “Telecomunicaciones”).  To go back by bus, you must cross the sport facilities and take bus 82 in the opposite direction. Get out at the bus stop “Metro Ciudad Universitaria”. Regarding metro and bus tickets, it is possible to use the same card (Multicard). (please check the webpage of Madrid Public Transportation for further information).

Remark: This workshop is organized in the continuity of the Euro-MBE conference and at the same location (deadline December 27th 2022, but is open to all the epitaxial techniques and 2D materials regardless of the growth technique.