Women in Science

Women in Science

The OPERA COST Action aims to promote the Women in Science by creating this dedicated platform.

In 2024, only 35% of all students in STEM related fields of study are women

Despite statistics that show close performance of girls and boys in science and mathematics, strong gendered stereotypes prevail: many girls are still less encouraged in STEM fields and have limited choices (if any) for their education and career development

Women occupy a small minority of top-level positions despite an improvement in recent years and only 22 women have been awarded a Nobel prize in a scientific discipline to date.

Our Objective: Involving Women in Science to highlight their career and favor their access to senior academic positions.

Two Leaders: Marta Sawicka, Poland & Vera Marinova , Bulgaria
With the help of Yamina André, France & Noelle Gogneau, France

Coming events

February 11
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Women in Science Webinars

Past events

“Women in Science" Event
29th August 2023
“Women in Science" Event
19th September 2022

Biograms of senior and junior women scientists