Scientific Program

Scientific Program

scientific core tasks

To achieve the scientific focus within the COST Action, scientific core tasks are identified:

Task 01

In material science, the ambition is to address new challenges, pushing the frontiers of knowledge. To address Sustainable Development Goals: the fundamental key in the epitaxy field must be addressed for mastering “actual” materials and developing new materials.

Task 02

Multi-scale and methods for the fundamental understanding of the growth processes, epitaxial structures and material properties. This task implements close-exchanges between theoretical and experimental groups to solve questions, not yet clarified today despite their crucial importance for developing advanced materials.

Task 03

Engineering nanomaterials by epitaxy to control their properties and to discover new ones appearing at the nanometer scale. Exploitation of experimental/theoretical synergies.

Task 04

Development of new advanced materials by investigating different hybrid material systems: this task aims to draw up an inventory of the possibilities offered by the hybridization.

Task 05

Optimization and new developments of synthesis and characterization techniques required to solve key blocking points in epitaxy. A joined effort is needed between the scientific Action community and the equipment manufacturers, academic/industry common laboratories for example.

Task 06

Integration of the sustainable development and Human aspects in the processes.

Task 07

Device design and industrial partners: How to integrate the epitaxial materials by fully exploiting their potential.