Yamina André

Yamina André

My name is Yamina André. I am an associate professor and I share my working time between research and teaching. I have overseeing the growth of III-V and III-N compounds by HVPE (Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy) for 20 years: design and implementation of facilities, thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of VPE growth at Institut Pascal UCA/CNRS, Université Clermont Auvergne, France.

Since September 2021, I am the scientific grant holder of the European COST Action OPERA – “European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy” (2021-25;

My research is focused on the growth of nitride planar thick layers, and selective area growth for both III-V and III-Nitride materials: 3D shaping at micrometer and sub-micrometer scale, growth of GaAs tips for tunneling microscopy, as well as GaN rods for LEDs. I am strongly involved in promoting the HVPE process in the international nanoscience community. Regularly invited in international conferences about vapor phase epitaxy, I have also managed several research projects at French, European or international levels

I teach physics in a graduate school of engineering (Polytech Clermont Auvergne INP), where I really enjoy the transfer of knowledge to young students and follow their transition toward the professional world. I am also involved in the promotion of the international relations of my institution, as I consider that traveling and studying abroad for a semester or more is a great and very enriching experience.

I really like to learn and pass on my knowledge to PhD students and younger ones. I have never suffered from being a woman and I have never paid attention to the difference between females and males, even though I work in physics. I regularly participate to activities that promote science and encourage young girls to attend studies in physics, even though I am aware that a few will unfortunately suffer from this difference.

In my opinion, willpower, hard-working and good organizational skills allow women in science to find a balance between life as a mother and life as a researcher and teacher at university level. As a conclusion I would tell young students, girls or boys: “never stop dreaming”.