Vera Marinova

Vera Marinova

I am Vera Marinova from the Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IOMT-BAS). I received MSc in Optics and Spectroscopy from Physics Department, Sofia University and I got my PhD degree in 2000 at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. After PhD defense I joined Photonics Department, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (NYCU) as post-doctoral researcher (2000 -2004), following by Flemish Fellowship for Senior Post-Doctoral researcher at Antwerp University, Belgium. Since 2008, I become visiting professor at the Electrophysics Department, NYCU, Taiwan where currently I am Adjunct Professor.

I have full professor position at IOMT-BAS, leading a group on 2D materials for application in optics and photonics. My research interests are in the field of synthesis of nanolayers and functional oxide materials and their implementation in optical devices as liquid crystal displays, spatial light modulators, flat optical elements, etc. I am a Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), OPTICA and Material Research Society (MRS).

The tough challenge I had to face in my carrier was to establish a Lab in IOMT-BAS when I returned to Europe after over 20 years at NCTU, Taiwan, especially in terms of struggling for funding and complete the projects to successful end. Now, a have self-confidence. I think being a researcher means to be a good leader of projects, a supervisor, a teacher, as well as to serve administrative work -all of them need to mix to reach good balance between science and family as well. Over the years I learned to appreciate the experienced senior colleagues and to trust the innovative viewpoint of the young generation who bring novelty and progress. I am very grateful to my family and 2 children for the enormous and unprecedented support. I have several female models in science and every time discussing with them keep me motivating and encouraged. I think Women in Science community is unique platform that rises its impact across the modern society and we all need to work together (male and female) to attract more young women to choose their professional carrier in Science.

ORCID: 0000-0002-3499-0212