Nini Pryds

WG2 Leader
Technical university of Denmark
Country: Denmark
Biography: I am heading the research section ‘Functional Oxide’ with a group of 35+ researchers working in the field of memristors, metamaterials, piezoelectricity, thermoelectricity, electrostriction and functional oxide thin films. I made major contributions in emerging disciplines such as Nanoionics and Iontronics, dealing with the design and control of interface-related phenomena in fast ionic and electronic conductors. My research interest is aimed at exploring the complex interplay of electronic and ionic properties at interfaces using epitaxial thin film growth and by stacking and twisting freestanding oxide thin films membranes.
Capabilities: PLD Transport measurements Freestanding oxide membranes
Projects: 2022-2028 Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme 2021: PI of the project “BIO-MAG”: for the project Ultrasensitive Biomagnetometers with Macro to Nano Resolution (BIO-MAG). 2023-2028 ERC, Next Generation of Artificial Heterointerfaces as Building Blocks for Energy Materials (NEXUS)