Postdoc position at Institute of Physics, Zagreb

Postdoc position at Institute of Physics, Zagreb

There is an open postdoctoral position in Surfaces, Interfaces & 2D Materials Research group at Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia. The research topic is in the field of surface physics and physics of 2D materials (such as graphene, molybdenum disulfide and tungsten disulfide), and their functionalization with organic molecules.

The candidate will work on the functionalization of 2D materials with organic molecules and examine the influence of various external conditions on the properties of the obtained materials. Various experimental techniques (STM in ambient and UHV conditions, AFM, SEM, Raman, PL and transport measurements) will be used for characterization.

Candidates are expected to have experience in experimental work in at least one of the following: synthesis and characterization of 2D materials, scanning probe microscopes (AFM, STM), use and maintenance of UHV setups, synthesis of organic molecules and/or surface chemistry. High motivation to work in the laboratory on the described topic and excellent knowledge of English are also expected. Mandatory requirements are: completed doctorate in natural sciences (PhD), field of physics (with a focus on surface physics: 2D materials research or organic molecules on surfaces and/or working with UHV equipment) or chemistry (experience in synthesis of organic molecules and/or surface chemistry and characterization of organic molecules on surfaces).


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