School on Oxide MEMS and membranes

School on Oxide MEMS and membranes

Scope of the school is to gather students and young researchers working in the field of freestanding oxide thin films and micro/ nanomechanical systems made with functional (epi)oxide materials towards new applications in sensing and actuating technologies.

When? Wednesday, November 8 th , 2023
Where? Online on Gather (

Free of charge, poster session

Speakers (in alphabetical order)
Nicola Manca Cnr Spin, Italy
Daniele Marré University of Genoa , Italy
Laurence Méchin GREYC CNRS, Caen, France
Luca Pellegrino Cnr Spin , Italy
Nini Pryds Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Guus Rijnders University of Twente , The Netherlands
Massimiliano Stengel ICMAB CSIC and ICREA, Spain
Warner Venstra Quantified Air B.V., The Netherlands
Pavlo Zubko University College London , United Kingdom

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