E-MRS 2022 Fall Meeting 19th – 22nd September

E-MRS 2022 Fall Meeting 19th – 22nd September

The first Scientific Meeting of the OPERA COST Action (CA20116) is being co-organized as a Symposium of the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2022 (Symposium H) In Warsaw. The symposiumtakes an interdisciplinary and cross-community approach to key problems in epitaxy, including breakthroughs in challenging materials systems, new experimental and theoretical methods for the maturation of epitaxial materials, and novel functionalities for next-generation devices.

Scientific Committee:

  • Marco Salvalaglio ;
  • Bogdan Ranguelov;
  • Marie-Ingrid Richard;     
  • Pierre Müller;
  • Athanasios Dimoulas;
  • Clément Merckling;
  • Rafaella Calarco;
  • Susana Cardoso Freitas;
  • Peter Krogstrup;
  • Gertjan Koster.

The symposium aims to take an interdisciplinary and cross-community approach to key problems in epitaxy, including breakthroughs in challenging materials systems, new experimental and theoretical methods for the maturation of epitaxial materials, and novel functionalities for next-generation devices. Papers can be submitted to special issue of Thin Solid Films.


  • Charles Cornet;
  • Achim Trampert;
  • Frédéric Leroy;
  • Gavin Bell.

Invited Speakers confirmed:

  • Ana Sanchez;       
  • David Babboneau;
  • Marta Sawicka;
  • Valentina Zannier;
  • Joao Marcelo Lopes;
  • Matthieu Jamet;
  • Thomas Sand Jespersen;      
  • Bruno Daudin.

Today, material innovation is more vital than ever and needs to be not only more efficient and design-driven but also environment friendly as well as energy- and resource saving. The European epitaxy community is now at a turning point. Global challenges such as sustainability, information security, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things demand new technologies which can be enabled by advanced epitaxial materials. Barriers to progress are common across the wide range of maturity of the different materials classes. Hot topics of the symposium will include:

  • Growth processes: surfaces, interfaces, wetting, kinetics, thermodynamics.
  • Structure, stress and defects in epitaxial materials.
  • Epitaxy of low-dimensional materials: substrate/epilayer interactions, nanostructures.
  • Physical properties of epitaxial materials, structure-property relationships, materials chemistry and targeted attributes (e.g. optical, transport, ferroic and piezo, thermoelectricity, solar).
  • Applications-oriented epitaxy: device architecture, doping, localized epitaxy.
  • Advanced epitaxial materials for technological transfers in photonics, electronics, energy, communication / information, health, and environment; assessment of materials requirements.

Abstract deadline: June 6

Submit your abstract via:

  • Oral presentations (15 minutes);
  • Poster sessions;
  • Student Prizes;
  • Articles to a special issue of Thin Solid Films.

COST action OPERA to support

  • Women in Science Event
  • Early-career Researchers Event
  • Management Committee meeting